bruno chaperonCabinetmaker for 35 years, educated at the Arts Décoratifs and at the Paris Beaux-Arts, Bruno Chaperon designs and makes knifes and other objects in precious woods marquetry. After designing and patenting a method of assembling woods in a curved fashion, he developed among others a range of cutlery in partnership with OPINEL.

Each knife handle, made of fluid and curved lines, has its original marquetry making it a unique item. Resulting from an ethnic inspiration, every handle is surprisingly beautiful and invites you to travel to the 5 continents where the wood originates.

Every knife alone bears Bruno’s passion for wood : under the bark of the carefully chosen logs, he guesses and knows how to enhance the beauty of its veins, the wood grain, its color, its fragrance. Some imperfections in the wood are a gift for Bruno; he reveals sometimes some unexpected designs in a knot, a gnarl, a burr.
Bruno also works materials like horn, deer antlers, warthog tusk, vegetarian ivory. He regularly cooperates with ornamental metalworkers.

Located in the Chevreuse Valley, in Saint Arnoult en Yvelines, Bruno’s workshop is exclusively a place of creation, designing and making. You can buy Bruno’s knives directly on fairs and exhibitions and in retail stores.

Bruno is a member of “Ateliers d’Art de France” and “Association des Artisans d’Art de la Vallée de Chevreuse”.

His Maitre-Craftsman title highlights the excellence of his savoir-faire.

Artisans d'Art de Francelogo-PNRHVCMaitre artisan Bruno Chaperon