There are 7 standard Opinel blade sizes :

Standard blade n°6 : length 7 cm
The n°6 is the smallest knife, it is fitted with the Opinel safety ring. Efficient and easy to handle for everyday activities, its small size makes it particularly handy to store in a pocket or a handbag.

Standard blade n°7 : length 8 cm
The n°7 is the ideal all-round knife. It is the optimal size to have in the car or while travelling, on a picnic or in the garden… Small hands will find it easy to handle.

Standard blade n°8 : length 8.5 cm
The n°8 knife is the most versatile knife, particularly enjoyed for its everyday use, at the dinner table, in the kitchen, for DIY… It has the ideal size to slip in one’s pocket and is perfectly suited for belt sheathes as well. The n°8 knife makes an ideal gift!

Standard blade n°9 : length 9 cm
Reliable and strong, the n°9 knife is the perfect tool for any handyman.

Standard blade n°10 : length 10 cm
The n°10 knife is used for both outside activities and to work the most compacted and dense materials.

Standard blade n°12 : length 12 cm
The n°12 is geared for resistant materials and has the optimal size for agricultural activities and hunting. At the dinner table, it becomes both an original carving knife and service knife, ideal to cut cheese and cured meat…

Standard blade n°13 : length 22 cm
The giant… Sought after by collectors, the n°13 is also very useful during rustic meals and barbecues.

The Opinel tapered blades use a different classification, in 4 sizes : 

Tapered blade n°8 : length 8.5 cm
The small tapered blade, chic and feminine! The silhouette of the tapered n°8 is elegant and sleek; its fine blade offers exceptional cutting qualities.

Tapered blade n°10 : length 10 cm
The tapered n°10 knife is ideal for use both at the dinner table and in the kitchen. Its slender blade offers exceptional cutting qualities. It is perfectly suited for belt sheathes as well. It makes an ideal gift !

Tapered blade n°12 : length 12 cm
The long slender blade of the tapered n°12 allows you to slice thinly across the grain and fillet fish beautifully.

Tapered blade n°15 : length 15 cm
The tapered n°15 allows you to slice big pieces of tender meat in precise and fine slivers. It is also ideal to fillet fish and finely slice ham.






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