Giving birth to a new aesthetic and a highly rigorous expertise, Bruno Chaperon’s marquetry is born from both an artistic and technical journey. Bruno firstly studies at les Arts Decoratifs de Paris; he then starts working as a cabinetmaker, which confers him a deep understanding and mastering of wood and its usage. Bruno is now ready to venture on the creative path.

Fascinated by the richness of woods he uses daily, the cabinetmake thinks of mixing them together in crossed waves : “ like marquetry, I mix the woods… not as a veneer though, but rather in the whole depth of the object…”. This way Bruno develops a technique, patented in 2001, to join woods in wavy patterns. And the first objet he thought of for his marquetry is …. the n°8 Opinel he always keeps in his pocket! The story starts here and writes itself every day. Now closer ties with the Opinel firm allows Bruno to widen the range of his marquetry on many different knives.

Each marquetry knife handle gathers various woods; each wood is worked in the mass. The waves are highlighted by a line of a contrasting color. Each marquetry design is different. Two knives, with the same mixing of wood, still never look alike, hence making each knife unique.

Nowadays Bruno tries to widen his product range even further. He introduces new materials in his knives: horn, deer antlers, warthog tusks, vegetable ivory.

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